2 Hour Horse Safari

Your most memorable African experience will be a horseback safari at Plettenberg Bay Game Reserve. There is no better way to view the game which, accustomed to the presence of the horses, will allow them within very close range. On horseback you can go where vehicles have no access and are free to roam with the game or track them down. Feel the grass and bush brush past you, breathe in the fresh air around you and listen to the sounds of Africa.

On the two-hour horse safari guests are accompanied by an experienced and knowledgeable game ranger, keen to share his insight with you. Our horses are well-schooled and friendly and will provide a comfortable, easy ride for even the most inexperienced riders.

After the safari, relax at the bar with a drink and share your experiences.


At the close of your game drive experience, you are welcome to enjoy a refreshing drink at the bar, while you recollect your experience.



  • Horse Safari
  • we will provide you with a safety helmet


  • Refreshments are not included


  • Camera & strap or Bag
  • Sun cream


  • Long trousers
  • Closed shoes


  • NO person under 13 years of age. Please note that we only allow children on the horse safari when they are 13 years and older.
  • NO person over 110kg


  • Horse Riding experience required

Departure point

Plettenberg Bay Game Reserve R340 Witedrift Uniondale Plettenberg Bay Western Cape

Return point

Plettenberg Bay Game Reserve Safari Center, Located at Reception



Please note that we only allow children on the horse safari when they are 13 years and older. You must be an experience horse rider We limit our Horses to riders weighing no more than 110kg

Cancellation policy

No refund.


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   Munira Hoosain

14 August, 2018
Went for the 2hr game drive. Saw lots of beautiful animals including rhino, lions and cheetahs. Our tour guide was very knowledgeable. The weather was a bit chilly but they provided us with blankets. The reception area also has some really "instagrammable" spots and a lovely fireplace to warm up before and after if you're visiting in cooler weather. Had a good time overall!
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   Heather Hansen

24 January, 2019
I stayed at the game reserve two and a half years ago with my sister and family who were visiting from Australia, and enjoyed the experience, so booked it for a special treat for a friend leaving soon for colder climes and for my son and his girlfriend. To be honest, it was a disappointment. I hated that before we were even shown to our rooms I had to pay upfront - it felt very mercenary! Then although I'd booked (and paid the deposit for) a family room which indicated that my friend and I would have separate rooms with our own bathrooms, we were (eventually) shown to a large room with a kingsize bed and double bunk. After questioning the staff, we were taken down a long wooden walkway to rooms of corrugated iron, which were too uncomfortably hot to sleep in, with ceiling fans barely moving the air around. Just not suitable, bearing in mind that my friend had a hip op not long ago and I was worried that she might fall in the dark while navigating the walkway. Eventually, after the staff had a long consultation on the telephone, they said we could stay in separate rooms for an extra R550 surcharge! To their credit, this was ultimately reimbursed because my friend was a bit nervous to stay in her room alone, so after all that we did in the end share a room! The place is looking a bit rundown. I love the history, the antique furniture and the whole vibe, but it really needs some TLC! The wooden window and door frames and roof particularly need help. The staff is lovely, but far too many of them for just four people. We were shocked to be told on check in that the choice for dinner was either paying R495 pp for an ordinary 3 course meal (salad, meat & vegs and a pudding) or eating at the main lodge area, which was pretty much a cafetaria offering toasted sandwiches, burgers, chips, etc. We decided that would have to do! I had booked the four of us to go on the 4pm game drive (R650 pp) and with all the shenanigans with the room, we were late but told it wasn't a problem, they would wait for us. We assumed we'd have our own game drive vehicle, but when we arrived at the main lodge area, there was a full vehicle waiting for us with some unhappy looking foreigners! We had to squeeze in, with my friend and I unable to sit together. We were not offered drinks or snacks on the two+ hour game drive - the first time I have ever encountered this! It was difficult to understand the strong Zim accent of the game ranger - we only managed to catch every one in three words, so the French tourists in the vehicle simply talked over him! I had the impression that there was not as much game as the last time I'd visited, and wondered if perhaps some had been sold? We didn't get to see the rhino/s, so I wondered if they are still there, and the cheetahs in the cheetah enclosure were nowhere to be seen. The last time I was there, it was winter and dark when we went to the separate enclosures with the wild dogs, lions and cheetahs. This time it was light and I felt a bit like we were going to a large zoo! I hate the fact that they get fed rather than hunting for their own food. On this note, we were informed that the SPCA will not allow them to put live animals in the enclosures. At the Garden Route Game Lodge, the lions are also separated from the other animals, however, they have a much larger area to roam in and there are many other animals in there, so they can at least hunt for themselves. When we got back from the game drive, the kitchen was closed, so we went back to the Baroness Lodge with empty stomachs. On talking to the staff, we were informed that the only thing they could offer us was toasted cheese and tomato sandwiches! We ordered these, and they were dreadful. Not quite what I had in mind after all the money I'd paid. The breakfast provided the following morning was however, very good. All in all, I think that this place has great potential, lovely views, great staff and the lodge could be amazing. However, the price is far too high for what you get. I'd much rather stay at the Garden Route Game Lodge or at Botlierskop.
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   Stef lot

19 December, 2018
Lovely place with an old world feel, free entrance. An abundance of wildlife and beautiful landscapes. Quite and exclusive with friendly staff
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   Pumza Soga

9 February, 2019
Loved the Game Drive! Saw a lot of the animals and the game Ranger was smart and very knowledgeable. 👌🏾👌🏾
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   Liza Meyer

3 February, 2019
Our Guide was talking a bit to fast and so was his English a bit difficult to understand sometimes. But he did from time to time some funny jokes. Entrance fee 750 Rand for 2 hour Game Drive.Animals where all there to see but 2 hours for the tour was a bit to short because after we arrived and the guide was explaining about this kind of animal we had to leave quite quick to the next stop of animals. So we couldnt take that much pictures. Suggestion: Better to offer aswell a 3 hour ride so the Guests can have more time with the animals and the Guide can speak slowlier.
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